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I would be Ian Coburn. I've spent most of my life entertaining people. I started standup comedy at 18 and was a full-time comedian after college graduation until age 28. I hold the industry record of 106 straight weeks on the road. Now I focus on writing books and screenplays. My first book, God is a Woman: Dating Disasters, has proven to be a big hit. Click the book to check out its site and excerpts. I'm currently working on other projects; you can learn all about them under "Scripts/Books." I also design web pages and am well-versed in the latest software, including the exceptional CS3 package.

Feel free to contact me for ghostwriting, web design, web content, public relations gigs, any writing projects, any training or speaking engagements (contact me for areas of specialty, which include sales, customer service, public speaking, and others), and, of course, for comedy bookings. (Yup, I still do standup from time to time; you can see where and when under "Schedule.") Thanks for visiting. 1/14/10 Check out my new book here - temporarily free!




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